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Karajoz Biopods - Extra Strong

Karajoz Biopods - Extra Strong

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Best Before - 14/12/2017 


Extra smooth, extra grunt, extra good.

A cup with a conscience.

Each pack contains 10 x 5.6g Nespresso compatible capsules.

  • Description

    Take a cup, take a seat, and take a moment to contemplate how you're saving the planet. Not singlehandedly perhaps, but by choosing Karajoz Biopods you're certainly playing your part. Well done.

    You see Karajoz Biopods not only contain some pretty special coffee, it also comes in pretty special capsules made from a remarkable new material called Estabio. Developed in Italy, this revolutionary material meets the very stringent standards of the internationally accepted European Standard EN134432.

    This means they're commercially compostable, and in just 90 days they break down and return to where they came from. The earth. So enjoy your cup of Karajoz and thanks for making a world of difference.